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La république Tchèque Appuie le Sénégal dans les EnR


Senegal, Czech Republic to Strengthen RE

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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A new bilateral cooperation agreement has been struck between Senegal and the Czech Republic with a MoU signed in an effort to boost trade. Senegal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement that said one of the main priorities will focus on renewable energy.

 The African nation’s President Abdoulaye Wade said in May that the country would release a new energy policy with a stronger focus on the renewable energy sector. In addition, the new energy policy will have in place incentives to encourage foreign and local investors. So it comes as no surprise that businesses from the Eastern European country have expressed their interest in partnering with SENELEC for a 10-MW solar power plant in southwest Senegal. However, will these firms be able to compete with the likes of Chinese and Indian firms?

 Source : Alternative Energy Africa 26/07/2011

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